On December 8, from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., Hépatinov specialists will present the latest advances in the treatment of hepatic pathologies.

The themes will be as follows:

  • Detection of hepatic and vascular cytotoxicity associated with NASH.
  • Endovascular treatment of HCC: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Immediate therapeutic consequences in liver transplantation.
  • Towards personalized therapy for cholestatic diseases?
  • 3D contribution on the pre- and intraoperative surgical decision.
  • Practical applications of microfluidic chips in common hepato-biliary pathology.
  • Bile acids and liver regeneration: application to hepatomectomized patients
  • Functional modeling of healthy liver. For who ? Why ?

Please download the agenda here. The conference will be held in French.

If you wish to attend via videoconferencing and do not yet receive our regular mails, please send us a message.

See you soon!

Hépatinov develops innovative therapeutic
and diagnostic approaches for hepatic pathologies