Innovative therapies for liver disease Hépatinov is an University Hospital Federation (FHU) jointly labeled by Greater Paris University Hospital Group (AP-HP), the National institute for health and medical research (Inserm) and Paris-Saclay University for a period of 5 years from 2020.

Hépatinov aims at supporting projects common to hospitals, universities, research organizations and the industry targeting break through innovations. Hépatinov integrates care, research and teaching. It is led by specific governance bodies.

Areas of expertise

Hépatinov brings together clinicians, researchers and professors from different hospitals and universities with the objective of developing, in partnership with private companies, innovative therapeutic and diagnostic approaches for hepatic pathologies.

Why join the Hépatinov federation?

The goal of the Hépatinov federation is to bring together experts participating in the development of high-level translational research aimed at the medical and surgical management of hepatic diseases.

Bioengineering is emerging as a major specialty of the federation with the aim of modeling particularly severe liver diseases in vitro and in vivo.

An innovative training program will train young hepatologists and engineering students in new technologies.

The latest news from Hépatinov

Hépatinov develops innovative therapeutic
and diagnostic approaches for hepatic pathologies